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Getting To The ‘Heart’ Of Valentine’s …

By Jeff Bivona for ScrubOaks Blog

It took the ancient Egyptians 70 days to prepare a Mummy. Over ten weeks in a process that consisted first of embalming of the corpse and then wrapping it in linens, great care was taken to ensure the body's safe travel to the afterlife. All internal organs of the deceased were removed as they had served their Earthly purpose. The exception to this was the heart.

To this profoundly intelligent culture (remember … Egyptians are the folks that built the only Wonder of the Ancient World that still stands), the heart was the source of wisdom, emotion, personality, and memory and contained the "soul" of each person. Believing that the heart began anew in the afterlife , special attention was given to its safe transport into the beyond. The Egyptians, even not quite getting the whole circulation thing, laid the foundation between love and the heart for millennia to come. Today we still "speak from the heart,” suffer from "heart-break,” carry a "heavy heart," etc.

Some people contend that Valentine's Day is just a manufactured event created by the greeting card companies. However, historical references to Valentine’s Day are numerous (Shakespeare writes of it in both A Midsummer Night's Dream and Hamlet), and span from the Romans to the first acknowledged Valentine in 1415, sent from prison by the Duke of Orleans to his wife and on display at the British Museum.

Hallmark produced its first Valentine's card in 1913. While there is no denying that Valentine’s Day has become a commercialized multi-billion dollar event (Hallmark now offers around 2000 cards in their Valentine line!?! "Roses are red, Violets are blue. Hey Mr. Meter Reader, this card's for you!"), there is also no denying the importance Valentine’s Day plays in the romantic relationships of all our lives. (OK … It’s important to those of us who have romantic relationships. Not so much those of us in our comfy pants watching C-SPAN.) Having been the "first date" for so many couples who have subsequently involved us in their nuptials, ScrubOaks recognizes the importance of the romantic experience we can create.

The team at ScrubOaks especially looks forward to February 14 this year. The recent addition of Managing Partner/Chef Chris Corona is propelling the “Best North Fayetteville Restaurant” to even greater food offerings. Chris’s culinary background, starting with his education at Johnson and Wales University (Emeril went there...BAM!) in Rhode Island through his most recent General Manager position with Mellow Mushroom, represents a wealth of information and technique that ScrubOaks is blessed to have.

You’ll note that we are raising the bar this Valentine’s with the live performance of the Erin Nenni Duo and Chef Corona’s elegant menu. From a rich Lobster Bisque to succulent Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail … from Oysters Rockefeller on the half shell to an incredible Grilled Filet Mignon with a black pepper pinot noir demi-glace and Blue Crab Stuffed Baked Shrimp(what!!!) … from a Baby Arugula and Strawberry Salad to Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting Ice Cream … the menu is one to love!

It may not take Chef Corona 70 days to create the Valentine's meal, but he does have a little known but serious handicap. Unlike the Egyptians (and most normal people), Chef Corona is a New England Patriots fan, and therefore, sadly, he was born without a heart. Through diet, Pilates, and competitive dance, however, Chris has risen above this handicap. (If you breathe through your mouth, the smell of the Bill Belichick Body Wash is, in fact, tolerable.) Please put all of that aside and make plans to spend your Valentine's evening with us. It’s going to be another memorable night at Scrub Oaks and all Mummys (with or without hearts) get free parking!

Note: ScrubOaks will be offering the Valentine's menu on Friday the 13th as well if you can't get reservations for Saturday!